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Dressing Sticks White Aluminum Oxide Abrasive For Grinding Wheels

Sticks and Stones' Made in the USA abrasive line includes: Sharpening stones, abrasive files, slip stones, jointer stones, pattern stones, dressing sticks, "India" oil stones, tool room & die finishing stones, burr breakers, honing stones and honing equipment, rubbing bricks, polishing & finishing stones, boat stones, rubber abrasive sticks, cotton fiber abrasive sticks, natural Arkansas sharpening stones, abrasive mounted points, and much more. We specialize in custom made abrasives for the your applications. Sticks and Stones can supply the small job house or the largest wharehouse distributors. Our quality abrasives deliver the superior results you require. 

Dressing Sticks Silicon Carbide Abrasive for Grinding WheelsRubbing Bricks, Coarse Stones
Quality abrasive stones give us the cutting edge.
While some companies are forced to import inferior products to compete, Sticks & Stones stands on quality USA product and customer service to keep us competitive. We know our product reflects you, as our customer. Say "no" to inferior product by buying quality, made in the USA, Sticks & Stones abrasives. Save money and expect quality with our products.

If you can't find what you're looking for on our website or catalog, let us know and we can custom manufacture it for you!! Large or small, we can make what you need in an industry leading 2-3 week average lead time. That is our specialty and what separates Sticks & Stones from the rest.

Mounted PointsBurr Breakers, Burr Removers, Blanchard Burr BustersAbrasive Portable Hone Kit

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